Slick Predict aspires to be a force for good, working to empower employees and clients alike with the harnessed potential of data. We are a community, a culture of collaboration, a think tank of creative problem solvers. Trust is at the heart of everything we do. We know that it isn’t given easily, and we don’t take it lightly. Simply put: earning client trust is our number one priority. We partner with our clients, working to ensure each client is getting exactly what they need from their data, and from our team, so businesses can thrive.

In 2020, Slick Predict became a data agency. And we haven't looked back.


hours / month

Time saved by Intelsio after Slick Predict automated their operational reporting.

< 50 %

False positive rate of the ML fraud detection algorithm we built for Veem.

0 %

FTE saved by Veem’s ops analysts after implementing our fraud detection algorithm.

Our focus rests squarely on ensuring that our clients get what they need from their data, when they need it, at a fair price. With Slick Predict, there's no need to sweat the technical details - when it comes to translating data into business success, we're guiding the way.

Slick Predict offers a client-centric approach backed by years of experience, proven results, and technical mastery.

Slick Predict was founded in 2020.

Slick Predict started in November 2020 as a software-focused data science company. We made AI-driven apps to help small businesses reap the benefits of machine learning without breaking the bank.

During that period, businesses started asking for help with their data over and above what software could provide. This was an unexpected new pathway to achieving our mission - one that meant working closely with amazing companies on exciting projects.

Soon the demand for these services meant we had to make a choice. And so, a little less than a year after our founding, Slick Predict's focus shifted entirely to helping our clients maximize the value of their data. We became a data agency and haven't looked back.