Slick Predict has had positive growth impact at Veem and we continue to look forward to expanding our engagement. It is a pleasure working with Slick Predict. Ted has been very knowledgeable on the marketing analytics and data science models as well that we use for fraud detection.
Suhas Maskar
Director of Data and Analytics, Veem
Our experience with Slick Predict has been nothing short of outstanding. We came to them early on knowing our business was at a point where we needed a greater commitment to data and analytics and we needed someone with a deep understanding of both to help us. Given my history in working with Ted, I knew he was the guy. Slick Predict has built our data warehouse from the ground up, including several complicated integrations with a variety of different platforms. They assisted in helping us select a BI platform and have organized the data in a way that is actionable and readily available. The clear communication and proactiveness on these projects have been phenomenal. We are already stacking up future projects for the Slick Predict team, including leveraging data science and predictive analytics to help our business grow more intelligently. I don’t know of a more well-rounded, data scientist and expert than Ted Coxworth. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Slick Predict to any company looking for help on that front.
Jesse Beal
Chief Revenue Officer at Intelsio
Ted is the best data & analytics leader that I have worked with in my career, he has the rare ability to understand how to technically implement data solutions along with fully understanding the business outcome that is being delivered. There have been several instances where he in fact has determined where the business opportunity exists in the organization. He added tremendous value and led the analytics transformation in his time at Progrexion. I couldn’t recommend working with someone more than Ted, he is not only a great professional, but an outstanding person as well.
Kirk Nielson
Chief Marketing Officer at Progrexion
We love working with Slick Predict! Our reporting was very high level and lacked the visibility into granular campaign level performance. Slick Predict created reporting and dashboards that are updated automatically, reliable, easy to view, and faster to identify specific campaign data. Slick Predict is a pleasure to work with. Communication and responsiveness are excellent. Project turnaround time is faster than what we can do internally. There have been several times when I’ve had an idea of what we needed, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to accomplish it, and Slick Predict brought the solutions. Before, I spent over 10 hours per week trying to find and pull data that can now be pulled in minutes. Now I can spend more time analyzing data rather than pulling data.
Ryan Mower
Senior Manager of Digital Acquisition at Veem
Slick Predict pays close attention to client needs and seeks to demonstrate value early. They are particularly good at seeing through complicated problems and identifying quick wins without sacrificing nuance. Slick Predict brings formidable experience and breadth of data science know-how to the task of choosing the right set of tools and techniques for the job and has the technical chops to follow through. Upon encountering strategic challenges I was consistently impressed by Slick Predict’s ability to chart a clear path through the noise, seamlessly communicate with stakeholders and incorporate feedback. Slick Predict is the complete package and I would highly recommend seeking out their expertise and leadership in the pursuit of data-driven results.
Jacqueline Radigan-Hoffman
Data Science Manager at Recursion Pharmaceuticals

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