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From reporting dashboards and data warehousing to assistance with data leadership, our focus is the client. We do whatever it takes to ensure success.



Wanting to deeply understand company performance or attribute sales to marketing campaigns? We’re passionate about delivering extensive business insights through data visualization and modeling.

Slick Predict analytics provide hyper growth insights to help guide even the biggest decisions. Included in this service:

Data Warehousing

The most essential element of an effective data ecosystem. Centralizing data allows for easy access to reliable insights. Spending hours each week manually combining data from multiple platforms? Slick Predict automations are the answer:

Data Warehousing saves time and money. Included in this service:

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence has the power to transform the way businesses run, but creating algorithms often requires massive investments of time and resources. From fraud detection to product recommendations and call routing to lead scoring, we can help realize the benefits of AI without the headaches.

Machine learning reduces human error and allows businesses to automate tedious manual work so employee time can be redirected to high value tasks. Included in this service:

Strategy + Leadership

Leadership is prioritizing the needs of others, advocating for the greater good, deflecting credit for success and claiming responsibility for failures. And when it comes to success, the importance of data-centric business culture and leadership is undeniable. Wondering how to incentivize data literacy and establish an analytic mindset within the organization? Slick Predict can help.

Slick Predict’s strategy and leadership playbook addresses the common roadblocks in establishing a data-centric business culture. Included in this service: